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Dimension Travail works for the improvement of women's socio-economic condition to enable them to acquire their financial independence, to work towards their personal and professional success and to reconcile work and family obligations by supporting their integration and their reintegration onto the labour market.

You are motivated and available?

We offer you a service suited to your needs

We will teach you how to

Discover your professional skills

Find and contact employers

Write a marketable CV and personalised cover letters

Answer job interview questions with confidence

Winning free services offered

Individual support in your job search that will help you increase your self confidence

Free and available Internet access for job search

Documentation on job search and school programs

Job posting board

Enlarge your vision

Find a job

Gain better networking skills

Explore the job market

Admissibility criteria

On employment assistance

On employment insurance

Without government revenue and you’re not working

Job search support in english is available on an individual basis only

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