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Mission and vision


Dimension Travail is a non-profit organization dedicated to the employment of women in Laval. From a feminist perspective and with the aim of improving the socio-economic conditions of women, its mission includes the following two components:

  • Offer women a professional service of accompaniment and support in their process of integration into the labor market, social integration and overall development;

  • Intervene to improve the conditions offered to women by the labor market.

Each member of the team ensures a warm and personalized welcome and support for women in their professional project. Our services are adapted to the needs and reality of women both for job search and for orientation.

In addition, we pay particular attention to promoting the hiring of women in all sectors of employment, both traditional and non-traditional and of the future.

In this spirit, we create links with stakeholders from various economic, government and community circles in Laval, who can help improve the situation of women.


All our actions bear witness to our values of respect, dedication, collaboration and professionalism. Thus, constantly, we strive to realize new projects and partnerships in order to accomplish our mission.

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