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Femme enceinte asiatique

Given my professional career interspersed with maternity hospitals, turnarounds and confusing periods of unemployment, the organization Dimension Travail has been my buoy and then my beacon in the night on several occasions.

Each time, I was helped to look at things calmly, to know myself better, to define objectives, to establish a course plan, to perfect my resume, to understand the job market and studies, to make important choices, preparing for interviews. And even more, I met other women like me, in research. When you find yourself unemployed, or simply looking for a job, you feel alone on the shoulder of the main road, you feel vulnerable.


At Dimension Travail, I have always found a hand to take mine, someone to consider me as a valuable and important person and to give me confidence in my abilities and in the future. In addition, conferences and workshops on various subjects equip us even more. What more can we say, if not a big thank you to these dedicated and competent workers, a big thank you to the assistant who welcomes us eagerly. Long live Dimension Travail, which helps women take flight and gain independence.

- Brigitte

Good morning all,


Today I am pleased to share with you my experience with the employment support organization: DIMENSION TRAVAIL.

Which woman has not struggled to assert herself at least once in her life? Society has so many expectations of the so-called modern woman! In addition to being a mother and wife for the most part; we have joined men for a long time not only through history, but also in our productivity. In my journey, if there is one thought that inspires me, it is that of Lao-Tseu: "Every journey, even a thousand kilometers, begins with the first step". I am happy to have taken this first step with DIMENSION TRAVAIL since these services are part of this continuum of excellence which makes women feel at home as soon as they walk through the door of the institution. convinced.

To begin with, I think it is an organization that goes beyond the limits of the possible to supervise beneficiaries like you and me who are looking for work. By the warm welcome of the employees, we are quickly put in confidence. The great energy they communicate to you, and the empathy they show, gives the whole team an endearing profile.


Their patience and their know-how mobilizes you to enter the race from search to employment. Not only are training and sound advice aimed at boosting our self-esteem, but these tools are adapted to each woman according to their needs, their values ​​and their philosophy of life.

We all know how much we can get stuck in our daily lives; especially when we have small children, or have not worked for a while or when we are confused by a move. It was at this stage that I understood how much the creativity of the counselors was of a vital help to me in determining an achievable goal and taking action; it quickly refocused me on my future as a woman.

For my part, I am very fortunate to have had acquaintances who made the support process before me. All have stable jobs that meet their expectations; thanks to DIMENSION TRAVAIL they have rediscovered that pride they thought had been lost. It is so reassuring to know that there is an Emploi Quebec team who care about the well-being of women. And one thought that accompanies me on a daily basis in my research is that of Nena O'Neill; “From each crisis is born the chance to be reborn, to re-conceive ourselves as individuals, to choose the kind of change that will help us to grow and develop more fully.” So I encourage you to do the same and to choose WORK DIMENSION which has changed my life for the better, by giving me a power to act which gives wings to my perseverance.


Thanks to the whole team.

- Bernadette

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