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Professional exploration

Orientation and diversification of professional choices; build a professional, realistic and achievable project:

  • Perform orientation tests;

  • explore the professions of the future;

  • examine your possibilities of considering a traditionally male occupation;

  • identify your interests and skills;

  • carry out a skills assessment;

  • find out about the different training courses and the job market;

  • validate your project - meet tradespeople, do a one-day internship in a school environment;

  • carry out activities that facilitate decision-making;

  • benefit from support in carrying out your action plan.


Broaden your horizons towards professions of the future; discover traditionally male trades:

Dimension Travail encourages the place of women in traditionally male circles. Thus, we have several resources so that women wishing to move into these jobs can do so easily. These trades and professions represent the majority of jobs in the labor market. Here are a few examples:

  • Aircraft assembler;

  • assistant in the conduct of water treatment processes;

  • architectural designer;

  • civil engineering technician;

  • mechanical engineer;

  • land survey technician;

  • electromechanical woman;

  • receiver-sender;

  • driver;

  • tiler;



We offer free computer literacy workshops for women seeking employment.

Recherche d'emploi

Job search

You are thinking of entering or re-entering the labor market, come and see what we can offer you to maximize your chances of finding the job of your dreams.

In individual formula:

  • Take stock of your skills;

  • identify your distinctive strengths and assets;

  • work to improve your self-confidence;

  • benefit from professional and proven advice;

  • receive support and encouragement every step of the way.

In group formula:

  • Obtain relevant and recent information on the state of the job market;

  • master job search techniques;

  • improve your performance in a job interview;

  • write a compelling resume;

  • take part in conferences hosted by employers in the region and professionals in the field of employability.

Critères d'admissibilités

Eligibility criteria

If you are...

A woman from the Laval region

Active job search


FREE service

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